2016 Cat Acatemy Awards : The Year’s Best Internet Cat Moments

Announcing the Acatemy Award Winners
And the winners are …

Okay, cats don’t really care about red carpets. Its just another surface to scratch on — and shed on. But seeing that photos and videos of our favorite felines account for about 15 per cent of all Internet traffic, it makes sense that we have to spotlight the creme de la creme of feline cuteness and fascination during   award season.  But bear in mind that cats expect  constant purr-raise and to be treated as winners well after the red carpet has been rolled up. Its been this way before celluloid was invented — way back to Egyptian times.

Well, because I am a founding member of the  Meow Mix Acatemy I got to vote on the year’s top four-legged performances for the 2016 Cat’s Meow Awards.

Meow Mix  received more than 25,000 submissions from all over the country for the Cat’s Meow Awards. That’s a lot of irritable feline fun and cuteness. By the way cats don’t bother with gold-plated Oscars either. The winners were treated with Irresistibles, treats in both soft and crunchy textures.

You can make every night Oscar night in your own home too by sharing  your cat’s irresistible moments to get a FREE bag and see tons of other cool cat content.

Anyway without further ado, here are the winners of this year’s Cat’s Meow Awards.
Best Cat napper

Best Kitty Hi-jinks

Wild Cat Card


tip of the day

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