jpegWhen temperature drop, pets need to be brought indoors or given proper shelter in out buildings such as a barn . They cannot survive in sub-zero temperatures and will suffer from hyperthermia. Dog and cat fur isn;t enough when the snow is falling and pets can  die from exposure to the freezing elements. Even indoor pets may need an extra layer of warmth. Seeing its nearly Xmas, a consider a fun ugly sweater. Your pooch can wear it on all December long and well into the New Year and really celebrate the season.

If you have sweaters your dog isn’t wearing, consider donating “as good as new” products to your local shelter.

tip of the day

bounceIf you cat and dog has a lot of static in their fur, try using dryer sheets. Run one lightly over your pet’s coat to take out frizz and the friction. Don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards.