A Gift That Keeps On Giving


This holiday reason, it’s wonderful to be able to give a gift that keeps on giving. And the Dog Treat Gift Box made by the Women’s Bean Project is just such a gift.

The Women’s Bean Project is a nonprofit organization that gives women battling addiction, homelessness and incarceration a second chance by teaching them cooking skills and learning gourmet food production. Theirs is nothing like having a job and earning a paycheck to improve a person’s self-esteem and help them get back on track.

The women are taught skills in human food production but are also making all-natural dog treats that are vegan and gluten-, corn- and soy-free. Their Dog Treat Gift Box $20.95, features three packets of treats namely Banana and Toasted Coconut, Peanut butter and Molasses and Apple and Toasted Almond. Made from on 6 ingredients the biscuits are a suitable size for dogs or all sizes including small breeds. They are easy to break into smaller bits too to use as training rewards. There’s also a bonus brightly colored tennis ball to get games going so that pooches have to work for a tasty snack.

This Colorado based 501(c)(3) non-profit only hires women who are chronically unemployed They learn to stand tall, find their purpose and break the cycle of poverty. Their mission outlines their goal of changing a woman’s life so she can change her family’s life.

The treat boxes can be purchased online at the website https://www.womensbeanproject.com.

Definitely a gift worth considering and your pooch will be delighted with all the flavors too.






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