Adorable Trashed Kitten Seeks Foster Parents


While putting out the trash, a Freeport, NewYork woman heard pitiful meows coming from her dumpster. After scrummaging around, she found a tiny kitten.

The kindly animal lover took the kitten to rescue group Bobbi & The Strays and they immediately set about attending to taking care of the scruffy bundle. The kitten, named  Jessie after a veterinary technician at the shelter, was covered in lice and needed medical attention for her eyes.

She is now looking cute and fluffy and needs kindly foster parents so that she can be well socialized and ultimately find a forever home.

Bobbi & The Strays is  located at 2 Rider Place, Freeport, NY  If you are interested please contact  them at (516) 378-4340 or visit the shelter. For more information, visit


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