Are You A Responsible Pet Owner?

Are You a responsible dog owner?

September is designated as Responsible Dog Ownership Month. But responsible pet ownerships is something that should be practiced year-round. For starters, microchipped dogs and cats that get lost and end up in shelters are twice as likely to make it back home than pets that are not chipped.

Dr. Gary Michelson founded the Found Animals Foundation after Katrina, when so many pets were displaced and were never reunited with their families. A feature of the Foundation is the Found Animals Microchip Registry.  Registering with this registry is free and offers pet owners peace of mind should their pets go missing that there is at least a chance of them being re-united. It is estimated that Hurricane Katrina displaced approximately 600,000 pets who subsequently died or were never reunited with their families.

Its easy to check if a pet has a microchip
Its easy to check if a pet has a microchip

Thus it’s important that all pets should not only be micro chipped but its important that the registry they are listed with also has your up to date information. You can learn more about this great organization that also runs the Adopt and Shop concept to find pets loving forever homes on their website.




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Young catIf your cat loves to drink water from a running tap, consider getting a drinking fountain for her. Cats in the wild drink running water and a pet drinking fountain recreates this in the home.