Celebrate Cats At CatCon



shop for T-shirts that benefit pet rescue

CatCon is a huge 2-day celebration of all things feline held in Los Angeles. It’s a place to meet celebrity kitties, meet like-minded cat people — many of them dress up and shop shop shop for their felines and yourself!

This year the event is scheduled for June 24 and 25 at The Reef in downtown Los Angeles.One of the exhibiters , Arm The Animals Clothing  is offering cat lovers the opportunity to win a trip to this fabulous event.

The clothing line, based out of Los Angeles  is saying that  every $20 spent on their site constitutes an entry to win airfare, hotel stay and two tickets to CatCon. And  a portion of the proceeds  will be donated to “no kill” animal rescues. The T-shirts are fun and  have messages to  raise awareness  for rescues.


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Photo Courtesy Fou Fou Dog
Photo Courtesy Fou Fou Dog

If your dog is constantly wearing a sweater, take it off regularly to brush his fur and allow his skin to breathe. Wash them is a mild detergent to ensure no itchy skin scenarios relating to the cleaning washing liquid.