Celebrating National Pet Week

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May 6 – 12 is National Pet Week and to celebrate and determine how much people love their pets, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance conducted a fun survey and determined that:

  • 94% of people considered themselves pet parents: Yes! I am a full-on pet parent
  • 88% have ongoing conversation with their pest all the time.
  • 55%:  buy gifts several times a month —   no excuse needed.
  • 41% celebrate their pets birthday with a party and presents

Here are some more questions from the survey. How did you rate?

Do you bring your pet on vacation?

  • 51%: I try to bring my pet on vacation as often as I can.
  • 19%: No, vacations are just for the two-legged family members.
  • 30%: Yes, always!

How many nicknames do you have for your furry friend?

  • 21%: My pet has one or two nicknames.
  • 37%: My pet has tons of nicknames, at least 10!
  • 2%: None.
  • 40%: They have around 5 nicknames!

Do you and your pet exercise together?

  • 8%: I don’t exercise with my pet.
  • 4%: We do agility or we go hiking.
  • 14%: We go on long walks every day.
  • 2%: We go running or jogging weekly.
  • 72%: We play every day.

How much do you spend on your pet each month?

  • 18%: $150 or more
  • 43%: $25-$75
  • 31%: $75-$150
  • 8%: Less than $25

The bottom-line breakdown of pet parents:

Ø  5%: The No-Nonsense Pet Parent

Ø  9%: You + Your Pet = BFFs

Ø  85%: You’re Over the Moon for Your Pet!


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