Celebrity Chef Richard Blais’s New Feline Challenge

Every cat owner knows how difficult it can be to impress their furry feline. Taking on one of his toughest challenges, celebrity chef, restaurateur and animal lover Richard Blais teamed up with Fancy Feast® to show cat lovers that there’s no better way to wow their cats than with Fancy Feast® Broths. The gourmet cat food brand is revolutionizing the cat food category with the introduction of eight recipes that offer a delicious combination of delectable broth with real seafood and veggies, crafted without by-products or fillers. Blais helped introduce Broths at an exclusive launch party at the Tasting Table Test Kitchen & Dining Room in New York City where he premiered the product and a new video starring himself opposite the iconic Fancy Feast cat.

“As a professional chef, I strive to make people happy and provide them with a unique and delicious experience with the meals I make,” Blais said. “I take great pride in what I serve to my guests – so why should a cat be any different?”

Whether on TV or in his restaurants, Blais has proven that he can amaze just about anyone. But how would he fare when it came to winning over one very important cat? In a new video, titled “A New Way to Wow,” Blais took on the challenge of wowing the Fancy Feast cat – both in and out of the kitchen. Trying every trick in the book, it took a helping hand from Fancy Feast to finally impress his cat companion.

“Broths are revolutionizing the cat food category and offering owners a whole new way to wow their cats,” said Andrea Leas, Brand Manager for Purina Fancy Feast. “Chefs, like Richard, and cat owners alike can appreciate the real, recognizable ingredients and attention to detail that goes into crafting each Broths recipe.”

Each perfectly portioned, ready-to-pour Broths pouch includes a variety of lickable tastes and textures and high-quality, real seafood cats are sure to love. Select varieties also include real vegetables or a touch of milk.


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