Feline Yogi Yoga Mat

Feline Yogi yoga mat for cats. A great scratching alternative for felines.
Feline Yogi yoga mat for cats. A great scratching alternative for felines.

Anyone who has lived with cats will know that cats are opportune scratchers – they like different surfaces and different directions from vertical to horizontal.

Because scratching in an innate natural trait, its up to pet parents to present different acceptable scratching surfaces to their felines in order to preserve furniture and carpeting and more!

The Feline Yogi yoga mat is a wonderful addition to any home where felines enjoy horizontally scratching to relieve stress and exercise their toes. The mats are made from the same material used for human yoga mats and its “squishiness” gives cats an unique opportunity to really get down to business and meet their scratching needs.

Mats are sold with or without a sisal ball that has been stuffed with organic catnip to rev up the games and the interactive play whether they are playing on their own or with another feline family member.Our horizontal scratching fiends loved it!

Available in green, slate blue, red, purple and black, these mats can serve double duty in the home as they make great place mats for under food and water bowls especially for messy feline (and canine) eaters.


The testers for this Feline Yogi mat were Flapjack and Ziggy and its functionality earns it the Must Have Stamp of Approval.

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