FINALLY! It Took A Car Accident To Get This Dog A Forever Home

stray  dog BluePearl Veterinary Specialist

For seven years, a stray Labrador mix walked children attending the Benavidez Heights Elementary School in Eagle Pass, Texas to the school gates and socialized with them on the playground.  The kids called her Debbie. In return for her kindness, members of the faculty and students provided her with food, water and basic vaccinations.

Then this faithful dog was hit by a car outside the school and suffered several broken bones, including a dislocated spine, the de-gloving of her skin on one of her legs and the loss of one of her toes.

Ronald Zawacki-Maldonado, a teacher at the school stepped in get the injured dog to specialists at STVS, a BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital, where the veterinarians went to work to repair her injuries and get her to regain the ability to walk. The kindly teacher undertook the financial responsibility for Debbie’s treatment, and also decided to adopt her and open his home to the pooch that brought joy to so many children over the years.

The children all made her get-well cards while she was recovering. They will miss her. But nothing beats a forever home. Thank you Mr. Zawacki-Maldonado. Its just sad that it took a car accident to make this happen …





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