Finding Love Online – The First-ever Nationwide Virtual Adoption Event

Best Friends  has partnered with Adopets to host the first  online adoption event of its kind, bringing together animal organizations from across the country with one goal in mind: To help potential adopters Find Love Online. From the comfort of their homes, those looking to adopt can safely and securely apply to adopt a cat or dog, arrange a meet-and-greet, complete the adoption contract, pay the adoption fee and schedule their pet pickup.

Starting May 27, potential adopters can go to and search for a local furry soul mate by typing in their zip code. Organizations using the Adopets platform to process adoptions during the event will be able to offer their adopters special money-saving incentives thanks to generous sponsors to help people cover costs.

Before stay-at-home orders confined people to their homes, many would-be pet parents across the country may have felt they didn’t have the time or weren’t home enough to foster or adopt an animal. But a lot has changed since then, and for so many people who are now working remotely from home, it seems there’s no better time to welcome a furry friend into the home.

“Many first-time fosters or adopters who have been working from home during the pandemic have realized how easy it is to care for a pet, and that they really do have time to have a pet around, even after they go back to work,” said Julie Castle, chief executive officer for Best Friends Animal Society. “By now people have undoubtedly discovered the secret reality of what dogs and cats really do all day. Whether there are people around or not, they mostly sleep, with a bit of eating and playing mixed in–all things that they can do just as easily without human companionship. Plenty of people work full time jobs and provide loving homes to foster or adopted pets.”

It’s also a fantastic time to adopt because pets are just good for us. Numerous studies have determined that the presence of pets is beneficial for our physical and mental health. The companionship of animals has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lessen anxiety, helping people to feel calmer and more secure when the news from the outside world is distressing.

Here is a list of participating groups.



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