Forever Home



Every dog deserves a great meal, including homeless pets.

Merrick Pet Care have  introduced a new limited edition recipe for this holiday season called  Forever Home, to benefit homeless dogs.

For every can of Forever Home purchased this holiday season, a meal will be donated to PAWS Chicago, a leading No Kill humane organization focused on finding solutions to end the killing of homeless pets, both in Chicago and communities across the nation. Merrick is PAWS Chicago’s exclusive feeding partner and will provide more than 80,000 pounds of dry and wet food to the shelter in 2014-15, which includes donations of food from every can of Forever Home sold this holiday season.

Merrick are famous for their limited edition receipes that include special meals to celebrate Thanksgiving and the 4th of July.

If you have doggy friends and struggle to find a great holiday gift for them, consider purchasing cans of Forever Home and have fun putting together a great Holiday Basket along with other pet accessories.

It’s a win-win. You are spoiling your favorite friends, who, in turn will spoil their pooches with delicious wholesome meals — and homeless dogs will benefit too.

Start shopping.

Oh dear, now my doggie friends know what they are getting …

tip of the day

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERACatnip, catmint, catswort, kitty crack or whatever you call the plant with the Latin name Nepeta Catania, one thing is certain; the essential oil it contains nepetalactone, has a powerful effect on felines revving up their play skills and prey drive by instantly turning snoozing couch potatoes into an ecstatic flipped out balls of fur. The catnip effect lasts about 10 minutes. It’s a great way to exercise your kitty!