Former Shelter Dog Makes A Million Dollar Drug Bust

K9 Sentry and Officer Allen Connelly teamed up for a $1 000 000 drug bust

We all know how wonderful shelter pets are; they make wonderful forever companions, they can be trained to be great movie stars and they make great police dogs too.

Recently, a former shelter dog now better known as K9 Sentry and his handler Officer Allen Connelly of the Addis Police Department and the West Baton Rouge Parish Sherriffs’s office in Louisiana mad a four kilo drug bust with a street value of $1 000 000.

It can cost between  $10,000-$20,000 to train a police detection dog.  Recently, a number of police departments across the country have added shelter dogs to their police force as inexpensive and highly effective resource to help combat crime. Through the Animal Farm Foundation’s (AFF) Detection Dog Grant Program and Sector K9, shelter dogs are trained to become Detection Dogs to assist police officers in fighting crime.

K9 Sentry’s 4 kilo drug best worth $1 000 000 on the streets.
Its not all work –play time with a ball is the best doggy reward.

Dogs trained in this program are provided free to police departments. The training period usually takes 8 weeks. Using AFF’s philosophy that all dogs are individuals and should not be categorized because of their breed, each shelter selects dogs to be donated to the program based on their personality traits. Sector K9 trains the dogs to prepare them to work with police departments helping them detect drugs, explosives, and weapons.  To date over 70 dogs have been placed across the country in police departments and schools through this program.


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