Fospice Care — Caring for Terminally Ill Cats

The Million Meow Mission helps shelter cats including terminally ill ones in Hospice Care
The Million Meow Mission helps shelter cats including terminally ill ones in Fospice Care

If you care about cats, you automatically care about the plight of shelter cats. The goal is that every cat (and dog) has a loving forever home. Thank goodness for shelters and rescue groups who work towards this goal. There is also a growing movement towards what is being termed Fospice Care — fostering terminally ill cats so that they can live out their days surrounded by love and kindness.

The Fresh Step® Million Meow Mission is a program to help improve the lives of shelter cats by donating much needed litter and help more shelter cats find forever homes too.  And they also support Fospice Care. Their goal is to donate a million scoops of litter to rescue and shelter organizations nationwide.

Rescue groups can sign up to be part of this program and receive Paw Points, which revert into free litter. Cat lovers can sign up too and donate their Paw Points to their favorite shelter. That’s an easy gift to give especially this time of year.

And if you have fostered a pet before, perhaps you would consider fospice care too.Whether through care giving, volunteering or donation, every act of kindness to a cat in need is a gift.

This very moving video is the story of Bosley who was lucky to live out his days in fospice care.




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