Funding The Future Of Pet Care

Anna Skaya, CEO and founder of Basepaws, is joined by David Narkiewicz, Bill Broun and Blair Morgan of Purina. Basepaws sequences the DNA of cats and provides health and dietary recommendations to customers. The company pitched its way to a planned $125,000 investment from Purina at the Pet Care Innovation Summit. Photo Credit: Nestlé Purina PetCare

The Pet Care Innovation Summit is part of an ongoing effort by Purina and investing leaders, Active Capital, to support and connect with early stage pet care startups addressing pet and pet owner needs in the areas of pet health and wellness, services, technology, nutrition and emerging innovations.

At the most recent summit, Los Angeles-based Basepaws pitched its way to a planned $125,000 investment from Purina at the event. The company sequences the DNA of cats and provides health and dietary recommendations to customers. Dig, a startup dating app connecting like-minded dog owners, also secured $50,000 in digital marketing support from Purina and Centro to help its business grow.

“Financial backing is important to any startup, but money alone won’t drive success,” said Bill Broun, co-lead of Purina’s 9 Square Ventures Division and vice president of personalization and business development at Purina. “Having a network of support is key, and that is what we are providing with the Pet Care Innovation program at Purina.”

All participants of the summit were invited to join the Pet Care Innovation Network, an invite-only network for founders of scalable, high potential early stage companies. Pet Care Innovation Network members receive access to business tools, educational opportunities, and exclusive networking events like the Pet Care Innovation Summit at no cost courtesy of industry leader Purina.

Participating startups in this year’s Pet Care Innovation Summit powered by Purina represented pet tech, services, nutrition, food technology, as well as traditional food treats and litter businesses, including AnimalBiome, Basepaws, Bond Pet Foods, Dig, Playdate, NomNomNow, PupPod, DogSpot, Barkly, CleverPet, BioDOGradable Bags, Pupjoy, Ewegurt, PetHospice, Shameless Pets, FetchFind, Whole Life Pet, SpotOn and Sky Shepherd.

Pet care startups can apply for the Pet Care Innovation Prize program, which invites entrepreneurs to join a class of their peers to learn from pet care experts and each other through development opportunities led by Purina.

To find out more about the Pet Care Innovation program, including how to connect with the team, visit

tip of the day


If you take your dog regularly to the beach, be sure you have something to treat jellyfish stings – just in case.


Treatment for Jellyfish:

  1. Wear rubber gloves – Touching the tentacles of the jellyfish with your bare hands can lead to being stung.
  2. Use rubbing alcohol – Pouring rubbing alcohol on the tentacles (70 percent or more)  stabilizing the nematocysts and prevent them from triggering more stings to the dog.
  3. Try tape – Sticky tape can be helpful in removing tentacles.
  4. Remove remains – Pour sea water or sand over anything stuck in the dog. Do not use freshwater, as toxins can be released.
  5. Administer Benadryl – Seek veterinary advice and assistance for the correct dosage for your dog.
  6. Make a baking soda paste – Pack the sting sites with a paste consisting of baking soda and water to soothe the sting.

Alternate cold and heat – Cold compresses (ice wrapped in a cold, wet washcloth) help numb the sting and reduce swelling. Apply them for 10 – 30 minutes. Then, alternate with a towel covered hot compress, 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off until it cools, to bring healing blood back into the area and flush out the poison. Alternate cold and hot packs for 20 minutes.