Grooming Can Help Dogs Get Adopted




In preparation for National Adoption Weekend, which takes place starting tomorrow, Friday, May 15, through Sunday, May 17, PetSmart Charities teamed up with PetSmart  to help  groom dogs across the country to help them look their best and find their forever homes.

There is no question that a good first impression really counts — and plays an important role in helping dogs find forever homes.

The dogs will all be at an area in PetSmart stores this weekend in the following cities — Los Angeles, Toronto, Albany, Phoenix and Philadelphia and the following animal organizations are involved.
Los Angeles – LA SPCA
Toronto – Toronto Animal Services
Albany – Mohawk Hudson Humane Society
Phoenix – Maricopa County Animal Care & Control
Philadelphia – Philadelphia Animal Care & Control

If you are planned to adopt, this could just be the weekend to find your new best friend.

tip of the day


Pets with pinks noses and tummies are more susceptible to skin cancer. For summer fun, be sure to put on sunscreen with a minimum SPF 15.