Hanging 20 When The Surf’s Up

surf is up for pooches in California


Fifty dogs participated in this year’s Unleashed by Petco Surf Dog competition in Imperial Beach, CA.

Judges included professional surfer Taylor Knox, selected the winning contestants in each category based on five criteria: length of the ride, size of the wave, the dog’s confidence while riding the wave, the dog’s positioning and the dog’s personality.

This year’s winning pups are:

Small Dogs: First Place: Ziggy, Second Place: Torry, Third Place: Mr. Tuff
Medium Dogs: First Place: Richocet, Second Place: Abbe Girl, Third Place: Kalani
Large Dogs: First Place: Hanzo, Second Place: Turbo, Third Place: King
Tandem: First Place: Hanzo and Kalani, Second Place: Ricochet and Antonio, Third Place: Konakai and Zack.

Check out the doggone good fun!










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