Helping Pets In Ukraine


Pet parents know Petcube pet cameras as a great way to connect with their pets —  to treat them, play games and stay connected when they are away from home.

What many may not know is that Petcube products are designed and engineered in Ukraine, and most of the employees are Ukrainian and hence caught up in the atrocities raging in that country.

Stepping up to help the people and pets being affected Petcube have started an initiative to offer support and much needed funds and have compiled a list of charities that help Ukrainian pets during the war in it.

I am urging all pet lovers to support their efforts. I stand with Ukraine. See below.

Help Ukrainian Animals Survive Russian Aggression


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Photo Courtesy Fou Fou Dog
Photo Courtesy Fou Fou Dog

If your dog is constantly wearing a sweater, take it off regularly to brush his fur and allow his skin to breathe. Wash them is a mild detergent to ensure no itchy skin scenarios relating to the cleaning washing liquid.