Is Your Pooch the World’s Most Amazing Dog?


The World’s Most Amazing Dog is a canine competition series on Facebook Watch that celebrates man’s best friend by giving users from more than 35 countries the opportunity to show the world why their dog is the most amazing. Facebook users from eligible countries can use their mobile device to submit an “audition” video of their pet, but it’s up to show judges and the Facebook community to vote and decide who will win $100,000 (USD) and the title of World’s Most Amazing Dog.

So what is World’s Most Amazing Dog? Think American Idol meets Westminster Dog Show, but for the digital age. It’s dogs catching frisbees, dogs dancing, dogs doing all sorts of amazing things – and who doesn’t love that? We’re casting a global net (over 35 countries), but are looking for pups from all over the US, and trying out is very easy.

And one final woof — don’t forget to share your dog’s talents using the hashtag #mostamazingdog.

Here is where to go to audition:

tip of the day

bounceIf you cat and dog has a lot of static in their fur, try using dryer sheets. Run one lightly over your pet’s coat to take out frizz and the friction. Don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards.