No Medicine Matches A Dose of Dog Love to Make People Feel Better


Good Dog Ronnie visits with Seniors

The Planet Dog Foundation, the charitable giving arm of  Planet Dog (makers of those wonderful Orbee Tuff toys and more) have partnered with the New York-based Good Dog Foundation  a leader in therapy dog service, known for developing best practices in training, certification and quality controls for their nearly 1,000 dog/handler teams.

They have awarded Good Dog with a $15,000 grant towards the provision of therapy dog services at select locations throughout the Good Dog Foundation service area. Good Dog teams visit hospitals, trauma centers, education facilities, nursing homes and disaster sites helping thousands of people through the stresses of disease, injury, aging, learning disorders, disabilities and other life crises. There is nothing quite like a dose of doggie love to cheer up elderly senior citizens who are unable to care for pets themselves.

According to Rachel McPherson, founder and executive director of Good Dog, “There is a growing demand for animal-assisted therapy services for traumatized and stressed populations. The Planet Dog Foundation is providing a grant to help us fulfill this demand.”

Good Dog sets the bar for excellence in animal-assisted therapy, and recently supported the first medically-based clinical trial that documents a significant, measurable increase in emotional well-being and quality of life in patients receiving intensive multi-modal treatments for cancer.

Dogs bring smiles. There is nothing more to be said!

tip of the day

Courtesy: The Kong Company
Courtesy: The Kong Company

Distraction toys such as a Kong can provide additional hours of fun if you stuff it with Ultramix sweet potato or pumpkin puree and freeze the toy until the puree is solid. Be sure to give the stuffed Kong to your dog outside or somewhere where you won’t mind cleaning up the mess – if he doesn’t lick up everything for you! Peanut butter is another great option. Courtesy Kong