ökocat™ Litter from Healthy Pet.



Reviewing cat litter is no easy task because it takes time for the tester to try them all and for the pet parent to document it. So thank you Flapjack for going the distance.

At the time of sending this litter to Flapjack, he had been amiss at using his litter box, and his pet parent was hoping that a change of litter in his box would solve the problem. And it did!

Flapjack tested all four in the range:

Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Litter
Okocat Natural Wood Clumping for Long Hair Cat Breeds
Okocat Natural Pine
Okocat Natural Paper Cat Litter

Here is was his pet parent reported:
“The Natural Wood Clumping Litter and the Natual Pine were really similar. Both are extremely absorbant and keep the litter area pretty odor-free. I love the low dust (I have asthma, so this is a huge plus for me) & Flapjack loved both of these. (He had been shirking the litter box – he had no problem with either of these litters.)
Both of these do track quite a bit  but definitely less than  the traditional clay litters we’d tried before.
The clumping litter was my husband’s favorite of the 4 we tried.

The Natural Paper Cat Litter  was fairly absorbant, but it didn’t offer the type of odor control I need in the home. However, it was  dust free and was low tracking which were big pluses. And, the box was LIGHT – I think this would be a great solution for people who don’t want to lug a 20 pound box of litter around.

My favorite was the Long Hair Cat Breed Clumping Litter – it was the lowest tracking, it clumps really well, hid odor, was really low dust, and was super easy to keep the box clean. Flapjack is not “technically” a longhaired cat, but this worked very well for him.

All four litter types lasted a LONG time  offering great value. Also, they are available on Amazon Prime  which was another  huge bonus for me in that I don’t like lugging litter  home from a store.

After trying Okocat I would never go back to a traditional clay litter. This was much cleaner, better smelling, and even the ones that tracked a bit did not stick in my cats paws. I love that the litters are flushable, biodegradable, and natural – no nasty fake perfumes.
After testing the Okocat litter we are already ordering more  and  plan to continue using it.

ökocat™ Litter  was reviewed by Flapjack.

The ökocat Litter range gets my Must Have Stamp of Approval

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