Pet-sitting on the Increase

MabelAmber / Pixabay

Pet Sitters International (PSI), the world’s leading educational association for professional pet sitters, has released its 2018 State of the Industry Survey, revealing that PSI’s member pet-sitting businesses performed more than 22 million pet-sitting assignments and generated more than $440 million in pet-sitting revenues last year.

The association’s survey—conducted every two years—is the most comprehensive survey of its kind for the professional pet-sitting industry, gathering data about gross business revenues, types of services most offered, average charges for services and more.

According to PSI’s recently-released survey results, PSI’s member businesses averaged 137 clients and 3,816 pet-sitting assignments in 2017. The national average gross revenue for these businesses was $75,658. These numbers show an increase over the 2016 survey results which indicated an average of 109 clients, 2,645 pet-sitting assignments and $60,625 gross revenue in 2015.

“With these results, it’s not surprising that nearly three-quarters of PSI members indicated a ‘positive’ or even ‘sky’s the limit’ outlook for 2018-19, and we agree,” says PSI Founder and President Patti J. Moran. “The need for pet-care services continues to grow and as pet owners become increasingly savvy in their pet-care choices, professional pet-sitting and dog-walking businesses will be in even higher demand.”

PSI conducted its survey exclusively online from January 23, 2018, to February 26, 2018. 28.1 percent of the nearly 6,000 member businesses contacted completed the survey. PSI uses the survey results to develop an accurate PSI member profile and to examine pet-sitting industry trends. Data on types of pets cared for, services offered and standard pet-sitting rates are also compiled.

The association plans to share additional survey data throughout the year. To learn more about PSI or professional pet sitting as a career, visit


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