The tabcat safe & sound Cat Locator

Ever since GPS systems came out for pets about seven years ago I bemoaned the fact that they were really best suited for dogs and not small and light-enough for our feline friends. Plus some of them get quite warm, which is not ideal for long-term wearability.

The tabcat safe & sound locator is NOT a GPS system. Its directional technology in a lightweight handheld device allows audio and visual cues to lead you within one inch of your errant feline. And its full range extends to 400 ft in a straight line.

For someone technically challenged such as myself, it was an absolute breeze to set up. It is simply a matter of pairing of the handheld device called the tabcat with individual tags. It beeps and blinks and does everything for you. One device can be paired with four felines.

The tags come in a splash proof silicone casing which easily slides over the average cat collar. My cats wear ID tags as well a microchip tags, so at first I was a bit reluctant to add something else. But the tag weighs a mere 0.2 oz ! And, when I fitted them onto their collars they were simply none the wiser!

The tabcat handheld device plus two tags with silicone covers in grey and turquoise

To start a cat “hunt”. its a matter of switching on the tabcat and turning a full 360 degree circle so the device can lock onto the direct of the tag and then off you go as lights change color from red to orange to green beeping merrily when its located kitty.

I must also add that cats have very acute hearing, but the beeps don’t worry them in the slightest.

The tabcat and the tags come with batteries and its a once-off purchase. No renewal fees to worry about. However, its a good idea to make a note to change a battery once a year.

It couldn’t be simpler.

The tabcat safe & sound from Loc8tor is bloody marvelous! It is without doubt a must-have device for every cat owner whether your cats have an indoors-only lifestyle and are hiding under the bed inside the mattress or are allowed out side into a secure area.It offers great peace of mind with no fuss and cats aren’t even aware they are wearing a tag.

This is a must have product and hence gets the coveted Must Have Stamp of Approval.



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