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I’m often asked what is the next biggest trend in the pet world which already mimics human lifestyle trends in so many ways.

It’s an easy one. Technology.

Personally I love it because much of the new gadgetry being created ultimately boosts the human-animal bond.Take the Scout 1 video pet monitor from Motorola a long-time major player  in  electronics.This camera allows pet parents to check in on their pets from anywhere in the world via their phone or tablet or computer. I travel a lot and its wonderful to play “I spy” on them. Recently I was a away and checked in only to see one of my two fur kids. I called up my pet sitter and asked her to please let me know where she found Ziggy. Similarly when she left a light on that I wanted  in the off position during my absence, I was able to tell the sitter that it had been left on and to please switch off on the next visit.

Then there’s the Whistle Activity Monitor, which is like a Fitbit but for dogs. The Whistle is a sleek looking device that attaches to a dog’s collar and monitors activity levels. It creates a timeline and helps you make more informed decisions about your pet’s health and needs.Whether at work, on vacation or at home on the couch, pet parents can get updates on their dogs’ activities and stay connected from anywhere with one click on their smartphones.

Then there are automatic ball launchers allowing dogs home alone to play games with themselves, not to mention that latest ultra sonic technology to prevent incessant barking and the latest automatic pet feeders that use technology to train pets to use them effortlessly.

What can I say, it just keeps getting better and better. And while  all these gadgets are fun, they are also very functional and worth considering as ways to enhance the bond with your fur kid.






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Sandy Robins - Lifestyle Tip reigning cats and dogs blogsof the DayCats and dogs, just like children, like a schedule in their lives. Do your best to schedule meal times, walks for your dog and indoor game times for both cats and dogs.