The Forbes List and The Friskies List


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There’s the Forbes 100 List of the world’s most wealthy influencers and now there is The Friskies 50 list of the top cats on the internet.Cat Culture is huge and feline videos rank amongst the most watched on an on-going basis.

The Friskies 50 list utilizes an algorithm based on each cat’s social media reach and engagement levels across various social platforms, and ranks them in order from 1-50 at The index methodology also takes into account the cat’s presence in traditional news such as recent mentions in print and online articles. While each cat’s ranking is strongly influenced by the number of social channels the cat is engaged on and the level of media coverage they receive, a key factor is also the public’s reception of the content and coverage.

With the Friskies 50, users are able to view how cats rank each month depending on their score from the previous month. Arrows displayed beside each cat’s name indicate upward or downward movement. For example, upward indicators in green show an increase in score and downward indicators in red show a decrease. All data collected is publicly available.

The website  also allows users to submit a cat that might have what it takes to be considered for the list. Simply enter the name and the links to the cat’s social media properties and let the algorithm do the work. If the cat makes the cut, he/she will be on the next month’s list. Additionally, users can subscribe to receive monthly updates on their favorite influential cats.

So do you have a kitty to nominate?




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Sandy Robins - Lifestyle Tip reigning cats and dogs blogsof the DayCats and dogs, just like children, like a schedule in their lives. Do your best to schedule meal times, walks for your dog and indoor game times for both cats and dogs.