The goDog® RhinoPlay™Collection


Similar to the ultra-durable One World Futbol™ created by One World Play Project, the toys in the new goDog RhinoPlay collection utilize a proprietary durable solid foam material and patented valve technology for even tougher play. The RhinoPlay line is made from PopFoamNT™, a unique formulation that is lightweight but still extremely durable, designed to float and ideal for chasing and playing fetch!

There are various toys in this collection and Pixel was given the Cirq Jr. to review.

Available in two sizes to cater for both big dogs and small ones like Pixel, this is truly an unique round toy with a square center, designed for easy pick-up.

According to Pixel’s Mom, the toy most certainly delivered on all its promises.

“It had instant pooch appeal. The moment it was handed to her, she picked it up and started running around with it. It’s very light weight, making it easy for her to carry around and it withstands serious chewing!”

“My kids enjoyed picking it up and playing with her too. And because it’s so light, it doesn’t do any damage when thrown around indoors,” she added.


This new line is a wonderful addition to the toy box and thus earns the prestigious Must Have Stamp of Approval.

Further a portion of proceeds from RhinoPlay, both monetary and product, is donated to various organizations such as the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF),


tip of the day

Courtesy: The Kong Company
Courtesy: The Kong Company

Distraction toys such as a Kong can provide additional hours of fun if you stuff it with Ultramix sweet potato or pumpkin puree and freeze the toy until the puree is solid. Be sure to give the stuffed Kong to your dog outside or somewhere where you won’t mind cleaning up the mess – if he doesn’t lick up everything for you! Peanut butter is another great option. Courtesy Kong

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