The Grief Journey — Day by Day Can Help


As besotted pet parents we have all experienced the loss of a beloved fur kid, or seen friends and family members struggling to take care of an ill pet and over come with grief, when the furry family member passes away.

And of course, there is also the question that other pets in the household feel the loss and grieve too.

Day By Day is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing compassionate and educational support for pet parents through the stressful and difficult task of care giving for aging, chronic and terminally ill pets.

“Our mission,” says founder Kathryn Jennings, “ is to better help people manage their pet’s medical condition which leads to improved quality of life for both the pet and pet parent during difficult times, and, also to provide grief counseling from licensed professionals.

The organization offers monthly support groups, individual professional support and also has a dedicated phone line to help pet parents day or night. 484-453-8210.

The same supports is also available on line through a Yahoo Group.

The organization recently teamed up with veterinary hospitals in the greater Philadelphia area including the Center of Animal Referral & Emergency Services, HOPE Veterinary Specialists, Mid-Atlantic Veterinary Specialists, Veterinary Referral Center and Valley Central Veterinary Referral Center in Allentown.

“We are looking for Day By Day to function as a compassionate extension of the veterinary experience so pet caregivers know they are not alone,” said Dr. Dennis Burkett, from HOPE Veterinary Specialists. “We are excited to be able to make our clients aware of additional services that will benefit them moving forward on their pet care giving journey.”

I know a lot of veterinary practices do offer advice to pet parents, but the idea of having a full service grief and counseling service available around the clock to anyone who wants to pick up a phone if there is no councilor in the area makes good sense.

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