The Kitty Box Ramp

I distinctly remember how my late Calico named California used to struggle to access her favorite sleep zones and her litter box in her golden years. She was nearly 20 when she passed away and had several medical issues including diabetes which hindered the use of her hind legs.

Stairs around the house solved the sleeping zone problem as we trained her how to go up and down to access her favorite spots.

The Kitty Ramp would indeed have been a problem solver for her litterbox! Often, I would place her inside and help her out afterwards so she didn’t have to attempt even the tiniest of jumps.

This product is specifically designed to aid senior, arthritic and disabled cats as well those who may be recovering from surgery. It is a game changer for such cats.

The ramp, which has special tread pads on it can be adjusted to three different heights so that it works with any height box and it can be anchored in place so that a cat will feel comfortable and secure using it.

Made from 100 percent recycled and recyclable materials, the ramp is shipped flat and very easy to assemble. Timid cats can be trained to use it by placing a few treats on the tread path to teach them both directions. The ramps are available in a pale blue, lavender color and a natural beige and the tread pads are replaceable.

This product easily earned the Must Have Stamp of Approval! It was a no-brainer!

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