The Pussycat Riot Movement

Cow/Solent News
Cow/Solent News

There’s no question about the popularity of cats on the Internet. In fact, cat videos are reported to be the most watched footage on the web. In fact cat videos are reported to be the most watched footage on the web. So it’s hard to believe that sites such as You Tube, Facebook and Twitter are banned in many parts of the world such as Russia and North Korea.

Now there is a feline movement afoot to change all that called the Pussycat Riot – named after a Russian punk rock band.

The Pussycat Riot Movement was started by a site called – a site that gives viewers access to otherwise blocked Internet content. In order to raise funds a group of very talented artists got together to create a range of 1.5 ft high kitty scratchers which bear the likeness of dictators like North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Russian president Vladimir Putin.They are made from hessian rope and their 3D-printed faces are attached to the post before being hand-painted.

The selection of pet protest products also include cat litter trays with portraits of Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Egypt’s Abdel Fattah El Sisi.

According to Cian McKenna-Charley, marketing director at, “ the internet was created for everyone. But try telling that to the rulers of countries who attempt to ‘own’ the net and control their citizens through censorship.

‘Whether it is Turkey’s and Venezuela’s bans on YouTube and Twitter, the ‘great firewall of China’, or Russia’s ‘law on bloggers’ and Wi-Fi curbs, Internet censorship is an indefensible attack on civil liberties and it must be stopped.’

He added: ‘The internet loves cats, with millions of feline videos and images shared online every day all around the world, and even annual internet cat video festivals held to celebrate the best memes and virals.

‘To us the cat is a symbol of freedom, and of a fair and neutral Internet.

‘We can think of no better mascot to help us fight the ugly face of Internet censorship than every netizen’s favorite four-legged friend.’

What is so sad is that the Russians as a nation are purported to be great cat lovers and thus this exacerbates the feline deprivation they have to endure.

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Courtesy: The Kong Company
Courtesy: The Kong Company

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