The Ultimate Cat Tree

Without doubt, every cat needs a cat tree. It’s a place to hang out with a view – preferably of some street or garden activity – it offers privacy and, most importantly, a place to scratch. This is key for feline well-being.

As far as I am concerned, there is another very important prerequisite; it must look very good in the home and blend with the interior décor so that it’s a feature and not an eyesore.

The cat trees produced by Pet Tree Houses meet all these requirements – and more.

In a single word, the trees are exquisite. Many of the designs incorporate real bark as scratching posts, others are super-strong sisal. The platforms are enormous and all the designs incorporate branches of silk leaves which apart from looking fabulous, are something that cats love batting about too.

Some of the trees come ready assembled. The bigger ones have to be built in the home. So when a box weighing 65 lbs arrived on the doorstep, I was skeptical about my ability to be able to assemble the Kit-ty Tree Deluxe Topper design which stands well over six feet tall with its branches.

The projects I have ever attempted have always been a disaster because the instructions are ludicrous and more often that not are badly translated from Chinese.

My fears were quickly erased. The instructions that come with the Pet Tree House DIY kits are clear, precise and accurate. If fact if there was a rating system for instruction sheets, theirs would get five stars.

Firstly it spelt out what tools to use and suggested a cordless screwdriver over an ordinary one that is “muscle powered”. It even spelt out how long it would take to construct. Each log was clearly stamped to show which was the top and which was the bottom — cat faces for the top and paws for the bottom. All the holes were properly aligned and it built with ease. The branches are added by slotting them into pre-drilled holes at such an angle that the finished product does resemble the brochure photograph exactly.


Pet Tree Houses products are hand made – and well made. They are definitely an investment in your cat’s general well being and make a stunning interior feature. It goes without saying they are great for multi-cat households.

The Kit-Tey Deluxe Tree With Topper was Tested by Fudge and Ziggy

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