Tip 212


Courtesy: Around The Collar
Keep a collar on to identify your dog. Every dog should have a collar ( with a tag). This is the best way to be reunited with your pet quickly if he is ever lost or injured. You’d be surprised how often this happens.

 Remember to replace the collar immediately after a bath. You’d be surprise how many people forget! Please don’t be one of them. Update ID  every time you move or change your phone number.

tip of the day

he foot of a cat tree, isolated on white

Mani-pedis are really important for both dogs and cats. If left unattended, nails can grow into the skin. Not only is this painful but it also makes walking extremely difficult. If you struggle to trim nails, both a groomer or the vet’s office can help. Some adoption agencies offer free nail trims for life. So be sure to ask when you adopt.

A nice cat scratching post will also help keep nails in good shape.