Tip 342


Cats are very territorial creatures. If your cat is nowhere around, don’t wait to see if she returns. Start searching immediately. And don’t give up. Cats can hide for weeks if they have been spooked. They go into survival mode and don’t come when called. Search at least a five-block radius. Pet detectives with sniffer dogs can help. Check tomorrow’s tip to learn about your cat’s personality will reflect how he reacts when lost.


tip of the day

Dogs (and some cats) like cool treats just as kids do. Consider freezing Ultramix sweet potato or pumpkin puree dietary supplements in an ice tray and serve ice as a summer treat. Alternatively, turn the frozen treat into something special by freezing the mixture in small plastic cups and using a natural chewy treat as the stick. Insert the treat when the puree is partly frozen to get the stick to stand up properly. The treat should be easy to remove from the cup if you run the cup briefly under lukewarm water.