Tip 352


Jack Russell Terrier, 3 years old, standing and panting, isolated on white

February is pet dental month and many veterinary hospitals offer discounts on veterinary dental cleaning procedures. Ask you vet’s office if you don’t see anything advertised. And don’t be shy. Ask for a special discount if you have more than one pet. Having your pet’s teeth professionally cleaned removes bacteria from the mouth which otherwise gets ingested and can cause other medical issues.

tip of the day

Dogs (and some cats) like cool treats just as kids do. Consider freezing Ultramix sweet potato or pumpkin puree dietary supplements in an ice tray and serve ice as a summer treat. Alternatively, turn the frozen treat into something special by freezing the mixture in small plastic cups and using a natural chewy treat as the stick. Insert the treat when the puree is partly frozen to get the stick to stand up properly. The treat should be easy to remove from the cup if you run the cup briefly under lukewarm water.