What Does It Mean When Your Dog Yawns

PaelmerPhotoArts / Pixabay

Did you know that when a dog yawns, it might be because they love you? Or that dogs are more accurate than some lab tests at detecting cancer? Turns out, there is a lot about dogs that most dog owners don’t know! Dogs have incredible cognitive abilities that enable them to exhibit remarkable communication skills, memory skills and more.

Purina Pro Plan BRIGHT MIND and leading dog cognition expert and Duke professor Dr. Brian Hare created this interesting chart  to  shine a light on the inner workings of a dog’s mind and reveal the role of cognition in the rich mental lives of dogs.

did you know about dogs behavior

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bounceIf you cat and dog has a lot of static in their fur, try using dryer sheets. Run one lightly over your pet’s coat to take out frizz and the friction. Don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards.