When An Airline Is REALLY Pet-friendly !

Virgin America’s Team Dog-Friendly

There is no question that some breeds of dogs are more popular in some parts of the country than others. This is particularly true of Chihuahuas. I have often heard from these little dogs being taken by rescue groups to cities where there are people waiting to giving them loving homes.

This past March, Virgin America Airlines worked with the City of San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SF ACC) by flying Chihuahuas in need from San Francisco to the New York area so they could be adopted quickly into loving homes.

The overpopulation of Chihuahuas in California continues to force animal shelters on the West Coast to look to shelters on the East Coast for help – where the dogs will quickly be adopted. As the only San Francisco-based airline, Virgin America first teamed up with the SF ACC to fly needy pups to new homes on the East Coast by in 2010 to help address the influx of dogs at shelters on the West Coast.

The overpopulation issue has only escalated since the original 2010 airlift, and as part of its long-standing partnership with and commitment to SF ACC, Virgin America is undertaking its sixth such airlift flight.

Virgin America’s “Official Pet Liaison,” Boo and the Bay Area’s very own Dog Mayor of San Francisco, Frida,  (seen above)  hosted a special St. Patrick’s Day green carpet send-off for the dogs at San Francisco International Airport.

The Airline also offered travelers special airfares on the day with a donation of $10 from every flight booked benefitting the San Francisco Animal Care and Control.

I’ve published too late for anyone to benefit from the airfare sale but Virgin America   has specials all the time and is known for being very pet friendly. So be sure to check out their website before you travel anywhere. I have family members who always travel Virgin America because of their excellent service and the fact that they always arrive on time!

The Green Carpet send-off.



tip of the day

Dogs (and some cats) like cool treats just as kids do. Consider freezing Ultramix sweet potato or pumpkin puree dietary supplements in an ice tray and serve ice as a summer treat. Alternatively, turn the frozen treat into something special by freezing the mixture in small plastic cups and using a natural chewy treat as the stick. Insert the treat when the puree is partly frozen to get the stick to stand up properly. The treat should be easy to remove from the cup if you run the cup briefly under lukewarm water.