Why We Need Cat Cafes

cat cafes in Japan

When a temporary Cat Café hosted by Purina One opened in New York City back in April, people lined up for hours to get inside to have a cup of coffee, enjoy the cats that were available for adoption and to learn the benefits of cat ownership.

The idea of cat café’s comes from Japan, where Japanese cat lovers go for a fur fix. The problem in Japan is that many people who would love to adopt a cat are unable to do so because they live in such tight, small spaces – even too small to swing a cat – if you will pardon the expression.

The Japanese concept gives good homes to otherwise homeless cats and it’s a win win all round.

In America, fortunately we have room for cats in our homes, even if they are small very expensive New York apartments.

Purina ONE decided to use the cat café concept to start a conversation with New York cat lovers about cat health and nutrition and to do it in a casual café setting, over a cup of coffee.

“It’s a great thing because dogs are very publicly social — you can take your dog out and go for a walk, talk to people at the dog park — but that’s not a luxury most cat owners have, so this is a place you can talk with likeminded people about cat health and be among cats,” explained Niky Roberts a spokesperson for Purina One.

She has a very valid point!

A lot of people often say they don’t like cats simply because they have never had the opportunity to meet one up close and purrsonal, let alone pet one.

So the idea of cat café’s gives people a chance to understand what wonderful companions cats actually are.

I have always advocated taking cats out and about in a pet stroller.

It gives them an opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature from the safe confines of the stroller and gives people an opportunity to meet them and start a conversation.

Hopefully Purina ONE will take the concept around the country and convert new cat lovers along the way. And, simultaneously explain what we as cat owners have to do to ensure their health and well being.

And of course, its starts with a good diet.

As  nutritionist Adelle Davis pointed out back in the Sixties, we are , what we eat .

The same goes for our cats too.

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