Your Ultimate Wingman Is At The End Of Your Leash

Is your dog your wingman?Pets can impact and enhance romantic relationships.
Is your dog your wingman?Pets can impact and enhance romantic relationships.

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone but the search for love and finding Mr. or Mrs. Right is a perennial one for many singles. Now a new survey published by Purina shows that being man’s  or woman’s best friend is no longer the only role pets play in today’s society. Turns out, they can be quite the ice breaker with more than 50 percent of people saying that they have found pets to be beneficial in helping strike up a conversation with someone they are interested in. Who needs an entourage when pets can serve as the ultimate wingman?

The survey found:

  • 54 percent of people have found their pet as an instant conversation starter with someone they are interested in
  • 63 percent of people are likely to date someone who has a pet
  • Nearly 6 out of 10 surveyed say that they are likely to consider a person with a dog more attractive
  • 88 percent believe dogs are great to help meet people
  • 1 in 3 people would want to meet up with or talk to someone that has their pet in their dating website photo

Owning a pet can help boost confidence in men and women, particularly as meeting new people can often be a stressful experience for some. For example, 1 in 3 men surveyed believe if they were single, owning a pet would make them more attractive. For pet owners, a four-legged friend can be one of the best ways to break the ice, helping individuals bond over common interests or shared experiences.

“Not only do pets serve as a great conversation starter, but studies have also shown that pets can help release ‘feel good’ hormones in humans, including high levels of oxytocin also known in some circles as the ‘love hormone,’” said Dr. Zara Boland, Purina veterinarian. “Whether it’s making friendly conversation or taking the first step in finding long-lasting love, pets create wonderful opportunities for people to connect on a vast spectrum of different levels.”

The survey suggests overall that pets can be beneficial in helping owners meet new people and give them the confidence to take romantic endeavors into their own hands. The ultimate wingman is right at the end of the leash and pets can be a natural barrier breaker.
“Pets are the perfect companion and can open many doors for their owners,” said Dr. Boland. “Knowing that they can positively impact our social and romantic lives is just another great example of why pets and people are better together.”

Well, I can certainly confirm the findings of this survey. I met my husband when out walking my four dogs and my Old English Sheepdog accidentally stood on his foot. I stopped to apologise. The rest is history.




tip of the day

If you are taking a road trip with your dog, it’s a great idea to add temporary ID tags to his collar giving information about your en route locations over and above your home address.You can use paper tags from an stationery store or there is something new on the market called Twigo tags. Google them!