Pet Renu Pet Stain & Odor Remover


The problem with testing a product that is formulated to work on stains and odors is that often it takes a while for an accident to happen in the home that is “worthy” of a product test. Recently, we had a flood of disasters happening simultaneously. Two cats both with diarrhea and vomiting issues (two different bacterial issues diagnosed by the vet), and then, the dog joined in with a bout of gastroenteritis!

Puddles of dark brown/green poop and vomit everywhere; every type of surface imaginable; carpeting, tiles, linen, sweaters and towels in the laundry basket. You name it they found it. It was the “perfect storm” to test Pet Renu Stain and Odor Remover.

I’m always hesitant to try something new in case it doesn’t work and then its difficult to switchover to something else. Well, I’m so glad I reached for the spray bottle of this product first. It turned out to be magic in a spray bottle.

The instructions were simple. Scrape away as much of the offending matter and blot what you can first. Spray on the product and allow to sit for five minutes and then gently rub the area. Magic. Literally within minutes, there was nothing to see! And no smells either …

I am only mad at myself that I didn’t take any photographs of the puddles of poop and vomit in situ. I was in such a hurry to remove and mop up and collect samples for the vet before the next round happened. And there were several rounds before things went back to normal in the health and wellness department.It was an expensive emergency as all pets had vet visits, fecal test analysis and medication.On a side note, serious vomiting and diarahrea is an issue that does need veterinary attention…

This product was a lifesaver. True first aid in a vomit and fecal emergency. Hence, it gets the coveted Must Have Stamp of Approval. Moving forward we will always keep in stock.

Thank you, product testers Ziggy, Tory and Riley. But please, no more en masse emergencies !






tip of the day


If you take your dog regularly to the beach, be sure you have something to treat jellyfish stings – just in case.


Treatment for Jellyfish:

  1. Wear rubber gloves – Touching the tentacles of the jellyfish with your bare hands can lead to being stung.
  2. Use rubbing alcohol – Pouring rubbing alcohol on the tentacles (70 percent or more)  stabilizing the nematocysts and prevent them from triggering more stings to the dog.
  3. Try tape – Sticky tape can be helpful in removing tentacles.
  4. Remove remains – Pour sea water or sand over anything stuck in the dog. Do not use freshwater, as toxins can be released.
  5. Administer Benadryl – Seek veterinary advice and assistance for the correct dosage for your dog.
  6. Make a baking soda paste – Pack the sting sites with a paste consisting of baking soda and water to soothe the sting.

Alternate cold and heat – Cold compresses (ice wrapped in a cold, wet washcloth) help numb the sting and reduce swelling. Apply them for 10 – 30 minutes. Then, alternate with a towel covered hot compress, 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off until it cools, to bring healing blood back into the area and flush out the poison. Alternate cold and hot packs for 20 minutes.

The Must Have Stamp of Approval is based on my personal opinion and the test experiences of the Reigning Cats and Dogs product testers as well as my personal knowledge of the product category. The Must Have Stamp of Approval is designed to advise pet parents on products that will in some way improve their pet’s health and well being, or, their own experiences as a pet parent. Manufacturers are welcome to submit information and samples of new and innovative products for testing. The product testing team consists of dogs and cats of different temperaments and activity levels etc in an attempt to cover a lot of bases and produce worthwhile reviews. The team loves what they do and get to keep the products so they can show off to their friends and further spread the word.