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Social Media Brings Lost Dog Home

Social Media Brings Lost Dog Home

Kramer’s Instagram Page

When Kramer, Nik Glaser’s noodle-loving golden doodle, disappeared from his Venice, Los Angeles home  under suspicious circumstances, he took to social media in the hope of finding his beloved pooch.

For nearly 2 months, Glaser launched a ferocious campaign by foot, flier and social media to find  his missing service dog that treats his anxiety.

Glaser also filed a police report and set up an anonymous tip line, begging for the safe return of his dog, no questions asked.

The tips poured in, ranging from claims of witnesses seeing the dog being sold on Craig’s List to sightings everywhere from Runyon Canyon to South Los Angeles. Glaser would get his hopes up as he chased down each lead, the heartbreak mounting.

Then someone posted a message on the Bring Kramer Home Facebook page asking “Could this be your Kramer at the South L.A. Shelter?”

A few hours later, Glaser was on a plane from Seattle, where he has since relocated.And yes, it was his pooch.

Its really nice to know that pleas for lost pets on Facebook and other social media outlets really do pay off.

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