Animals Celebrate Mother’s Day Too

There’s no question that all animals can celebrate Mother’s Day too. And they certainly do that at  The Gentle Barn, a national non-profit rescue organization with locations in Santa Clarita, CA, Saint Louis, Mo and Nashville TN, for at-risk animals and home to dozens of cows, horses, turkeys, goats, and more.
Their goal is rescuing entire families and keeping moms and babies together at all costs. The latest new residents include a highly bonded mother and baby boy cow – who were rescued from a roping facility. Interestingly, cow moms nurse for up to four or five years and keep their babies close even later in life. That is a very special bond indeed.
“Mothers Day is not just for us humans” says Gentle Barn co-founder Ellie Laks. “The Gentle Barn lucky animals get to celebrate too, often for the very first time. Whenever we are able to, we rescue mommy animals to keep them with their babies forever. Animal moms are not only dedicated, attentive, protective, and nurturing, but have so much to teach us about bonding. I am thrilled to have been able to rescue this new mom and baby and give her Mothers Day!”
The Gentle Barn also offers cow hugging therapy. With the stress going on in the world right now, there’s nothing more calming than being with animals that need love! People can  find a sense of calm and emotional relief around animals both large and small in a manner that is very different than traditional therapy, but often extremely helpful. Here’s a link to their cows:

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