BARKBATH™ Dual Use Portable Dog Bath & Deep Cleaning System

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. This indeed sums up the innovation behind this unique pet grooming system that offers pet parents a quick and easy alternative to a traditional home bath grooming session as the bath itself doesn’t come into the equation!

The BARKBATH Dual Use is truly a unique product that certainly gives a new spin on bath time. For anyone, for any number of reasons, can’t lift a dog in and out of the tub, this gadget is a problem solver.It also eliminates that wet dog water-shake routine!

Designed along the lines of Bissell’s very popular and effective carpet cleaning systems, this BarkBath has a nozzle with a variety of grooming heads that clip on. Lukewarm water and shampoo are pumped through the nozzle to wash the dog. And just like cleaning carpets, the nozzle then removes excess shampoo/ water from the coat before you switch to a rinse mode for a final cleaning of the coat. It’s that simple …

All this can be done with the dog sitting on a mat. No fuss and certainly no mess!

The machine comes with a variety of different coat nozzles to take into account different canine fur types. Luckily, Riley has a very short, easy-to-manage coat. Further, the machine is  very easy to set up and comes with excellent instructions. The shampoo bottle is clearly marked, as is the container to be filled with fresh water. The other container is for the used “dirty” water at the end of the washing cycle. Also, it thoughtfully comes with a microfiber mat to be placed underneath the machine itself to absorb the noise of the machine and has a very long cord allowing it be plugged in and then taken outside, or to wherever you plan to groom. Plus, it has an extra-long hose so that there is a good distance between the gadget itself and the dog. Everything has been considered in its design to make it super pet-friendly.

The BathBath comes with great instructions!

Luckily, Riley is not bothered by the sound of a standard vacuum cleaner. I put her on a bathroom mat outside on a balcony and went to work. Because she was co-operative, we were done in 10 minutes and that included taking the face cloth provided, squirting the shampoo mixture onto it and wiping her face and ears. The mat she was standing on for the process was totally dry when we were finished which means you can use this machine literally anywhere in the home without drenching the area.

For dogs that have a phobia about vacuum noises, the instruction booklet has training steps in detail to show how to introduce your pooch slowly to the machine with treats. Patience is key here!

I found that the machine used very little water compared to the gallons that go down the drain when I have Riley in the bath and use a shower head on her. And, because the system works so efficiently, I found I used very little of the shampoo too.

The genius of this machine is that it also comes with a complete set of tools to clean small carpet messes that simply clip on in place of the pet grooming gadgets.

The BARKBATH™ Dual Use System comes with BARKBATH™ bathing tool and includes the shampoo tank, 3 customizable spray nozzles, 3 customizable grooming clips, sound dampening mat, microfiber towel (for cleaning faces and paws), one 20 oz. bottle of BISSELL Oatmeal No-Rinse Dog Shampoo. For carpet messes, it also has a Deep Cleaning Carpet & Upholstery Tool, one 8 oz. bottle of SpotClean 2X® Pet Stain & Odor Deep Cleaning SolutionPlus and there is a spacious storage bag to store everything between uses.

I stood over Riley when I groomed her but I could just have easily have sat on a small stool next to her. No more back breaking bending in the tub or heavy lifting!

Towel-drying was quick and easy.

The convenience of the gadget along with the no-mess, no clean-up afterwards factors, make the BARKBATH™Dual Use System a Must Have product and hence it gets the Must Have Stamp of Approval.

Further, a portion of every product sold supports the BISSELL Pet Foundation® in the company’s quest to help homeless pets. I always appreciate companies that give back.





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