It’s Fall. And, as the weather gets chillier, it’s time for your pooch to dress up and blend with the wonderful seasonal colors.

For the first time, I’ve featured fashions and accessories as must-have items and awarded three design collections the Must Have Stamp of Approval. These outfits and accessories were specially chosen for their beautiful color palettes and, more importantly, for their superb fashion fit and high-end attention to detail in terms of manufacture.

Congratulations to Sassy Woof, Dexypaws and Mr. Soft Top.

Sassy Woof. Two sassy miniature Dachshunds named WInston and Maya are the fashionable pooches behind this brand that specializes in seasonal fare along with an amazing selection of designs and colors that are available year-round. Every harness is beautifully accessorized from collars and leashes and even poop bags to match. Apart from soft wearable fabrics and excellent fit, the adjustable and reversible harnesses have design patents on the front D-Ring that rotates allowing it to be used on both sides of the harness.

Featured here is the Sassy Woof Falling Fur You collection featuring autumn leaves on a turquoise background that will flatter every fur coloring.



Meet Dexter, (below) the dashing Ralph Lauren of pooch design behind the Dexypaws label. Dexter’s zip-up hoodie is very well cut so that it doesn’t pull in the pawpits! Lovely soft cuddly fabric that washes well and will turn heads on downtown sidewalks. Great attention to styling detail. We loved it. Oh, he designs toys and accessories too – dashing dog! He’s quite a catch. You can check out all his canine creativity on his website Dexypaws.





















Mr. Soft Top. New Zealand is synonymous with sheep so their fashion industry knows a thing or two about good wool! The handmade Merino tees are awesome. The round mock Turtleneck design keeps chilly winds out and looks really dapper. This soft and stretchy merino/spandex tee fits like a second skin and tees perfect to wear on their own or under a coat or sweater for an extra layer of warmth. They also make ideal pajamas to keep your pup warm all night long. It will keep you warm and cozy at night or during the day.Available in sizes XS to XXL they fit almost all dogs of every shape and size.Visit Mr. Soft Top for more fashion forward gear.

tip of the day


If you take your dog regularly to the beach, be sure you have something to treat jellyfish stings – just in case.


Treatment for Jellyfish:

  1. Wear rubber gloves – Touching the tentacles of the jellyfish with your bare hands can lead to being stung.
  2. Use rubbing alcohol – Pouring rubbing alcohol on the tentacles (70 percent or more)  stabilizing the nematocysts and prevent them from triggering more stings to the dog.
  3. Try tape – Sticky tape can be helpful in removing tentacles.
  4. Remove remains – Pour sea water or sand over anything stuck in the dog. Do not use freshwater, as toxins can be released.
  5. Administer Benadryl – Seek veterinary advice and assistance for the correct dosage for your dog.
  6. Make a baking soda paste – Pack the sting sites with a paste consisting of baking soda and water to soothe the sting.

Alternate cold and heat – Cold compresses (ice wrapped in a cold, wet washcloth) help numb the sting and reduce swelling. Apply them for 10 – 30 minutes. Then, alternate with a towel covered hot compress, 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off until it cools, to bring healing blood back into the area and flush out the poison. Alternate cold and hot packs for 20 minutes.

The Must Have Stamp of Approval is based on my personal opinion and the test experiences of the Reigning Cats and Dogs product testers as well as my personal knowledge of the product category. The Must Have Stamp of Approval is designed to advise pet parents on products that will in some way improve their pet’s health and well being, or, their own experiences as a pet parent. Manufacturers are welcome to submit information and samples of new and innovative products for testing. The product testing team consists of dogs and cats of different temperaments and activity levels etc in an attempt to cover a lot of bases and produce worthwhile reviews. The team loves what they do and get to keep the products so they can show off to their friends and further spread the word.