Fun Video Explains Pet-Friendly Way to Met Snow on Sidewalks

Salt and various products used to quickly melt snow and ice are harmful and often damaging to pet paws.And this time of the year, its very difficult to escape snow-impacted sidewalks in many parts of the country.

Morton Salt, a company known mostly for unlocking flavors in the kitchen with culinary salts, has created   video called Neighbors  that showcases the company’s Safe-T-Pet® ice melt, which was veterinarian-developed to be less irritating on pets’ paws than plain salt.

“Morton Salt is committed to providing property owners with pet-friendly ice melts that are effective at melting dangerous ice on roads and sidewalks, while still being safer for your pet’s paws than plain salt,” said Brian Grindley, Senior Brand Manager, Morton Salt. “In a recent survey, one out of four purchasers of ice melt products stated they are concerned about pet safety when purchasing ice melt and Morton Salt is committed to providing a product that is safer on animal’s paws.

If your dog has damaged paw pads as a result of harsh products, creams containing Shea butter are a good remedy to heal the cracks.

Enjoy the video.



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