How Artificial Intelligence “Sees” Your Dog in the Future

Photograph Courtesy Love Your Dog

Dog evolution experts Brenda Vitorino and Jéssica D’avila at Love Your Dog used image generation software to visualize how artificial intelligence predicts future generations of dogs could look – due to outside influences such as climate change.

Using scientific predictions relating to canine evolution  they used the prompt  ‘‘​Dog, 4kg short thick and red fur, long feet, nose like a fox, dark eyes, long and pointed up ears.” for the AI software to “create” images of what dogs may look like in the future.

With regard to a dog’s fur, with rising temperatures and the threat of global warming, there is an increased risk of thermal radiation damage from the sun and expert predictions highlighted that dogs could develop a much thicker coat in a light color to protect the dog’s skin

Also, dogs of the future could have much longer paws, with hair-like fur that covers the entire paw to protect their paw pads from the hot ground.

Consequently, the A.I. software created an image (above) that shows an almost Poodle-like appearance, with almost hairless legs with long, cream-colored fur that covers the entire paw.


The experts also explained that, due to the increase in temperature, dogs are likely to develop larger ears that point upwards. This is so that the ears can be used as a way to release any excess heat.

The A.I. interpretation of this feature shows a dog with extremely large, pointed ears and a small face. This large surface area allows heat to be directed away from the body – helping to keep the dog cooler.

Additionally, the experts predict that dogs in the future will have a much smaller size – weighing around 4kg. This is to help dogs live in smaller homes, as the population continues to increase and homes are built closer together.

The experts also expect to see dogs with a much shorter, thinner snout and a small nose, helping to protect it from exposure to the hot sun, which can cause the skin to dry out and become cracked.

Personally I hope that we can leave the dogs of the future to responsible breeders and genetic scientists to take charge of what dog breeds of the future will look like — and leave AI out of it!



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