If You Rent – Is Your City Pet Friendly?

In some cities, landlords are much more lenient to towards allowing people with pets to rent properties.  Take a look at which cities are the most pet-friendly.

Real Estate resource Trulia sniffed around and discovered that more than 70% of apartment renters report owning pets, with nearly two-thirds of pet-owners reported having some difficulty finding an apartment that allows pets.
These cities are the 25 Most Pet-Friendly Rental Markets:
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA
Denver, CO
Oakland, CA
Portland, OR
Chicago, IL
St. Louis, MO
New York, NY
Dallas, TX
San Diego, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Philadelphia, PA
Cambridge, MA
Boston, MA
Newark, NJ
Los Angeles, CA
Riverside-San Bernardino, CA
Atlanta, GA
Orange County, CA
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
Miami, FL
Tampa-St.Petersburg, FL
Houston, TX
Washington, DC
Baltimore, MD


tip of the day

If you are taking a road trip with your dog, it’s a great idea to add temporary ID tags to his collar giving information about your en route locations over and above your home address.You can use paper tags from an stationery store or there is something new on the market called Twigo tags. Google them!