Mr Waffles Love Design


There is nothing quite like a sleek cat with infinite good taste, appreciating the finer things in life rather than shredding them. Or perhaps he is sneakingly looking at potential scratching posts and play things. Either way, he knows how to strike a pose allowing his pet parent designer Lisa S. Roberts, a designer herself to capture his artful poses.

Roberts, known for her distinctively graphic, brightly colored products like dinnerware, barware, watches, clocks, stationary, greeting cards, and clothing items such as T-shirts, scarves and ties that sell at many retailers and museum stores, decided to turn this former shelter kitty’s interest in museum quality designs into a book. Mr Waffles clearly understands the design lines of Frank Gehry’s Wiggle Chair, Karim Rashid’s Garbo Trash Can, Michael Grave’s Whistling Bird Teakettle and Philippe Starck’s Excalibur Toilet Brush.

Perhaps Mr Waffles deserves a place on book shelves too. A fun gift for any cat lover.



tip of the day

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERACatnip, catmint, catswort, kitty crack or whatever you call the plant with the Latin name Nepeta Catania, one thing is certain; the essential oil it contains nepetalactone, has a powerful effect on felines revving up their play skills and prey drive by instantly turning snoozing couch potatoes into an ecstatic flipped out balls of fur. The catnip effect lasts about 10 minutes. It’s a great way to exercise your kitty!