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Mealtime Bonding with Your Pet

Serving a meal is a great opportunity for bonding with your pet. It makes us feel good if they enjoyIt makes us feel good if they enjoy their kibble and favorite stews because as pet parents, we care about the food we serve them as well as the presentation in a fabulous bowl. It’s no different to the way we set a table with pretty place settings and share culinary favorites with family and friends and enjoy the compliments.

Treating Games, Treat Treasure Hunts with Your Pet

Pets are smart. They understand routines. Your cat knows when she hears the key in the door in the evenings that she’s going to be fed and your dog knows that means you will take him for a potty break and a nice walk. Similarly, they understand when you leave in the morning, they are going to be home alone. Not only will be miss you, but for many, the long empty hours without you can bring on feelings of both stress and anxiety. Setting up treating games like a treat treasure hunt with yummy treats and some of their favorite toys is a great way to keep them mentally and physically engaged and properly amused to help pass the time.

Signs of the Zodiac – Treats to Match Your Dog’s Personality

The 12 signs of the Zodiac influence our dogs’ personalities in the same way they highlight different human character traits. And, in turn, your dog’s individuality is going in influence the type of treats and flavors he enjoys the most. Here is a guide to ensure you are treating your dog to his favorite treat tastes and textures.

Yummy Treats with Supplements and Dental Treats Replace Traditional Products

All pets can benefit from different supplements at certain times in their lives, whether it’s to address skin and coat issues, a sensitive tummy, stave off joint issues or to boost general health. Some dogs, will happily swallow anything. But often pet parents have to disguise pill supplements in food. All the drama and any anxiety is instantly eliminated when wellness ingredients are included in treats. Just say “treat time” and everyone is happy. Dogs have no idea they are treats with supplements or dental treats that will actually do them some good!

Easily Find the Right Treat for Your Pet

Your dog may not be able to spell TREATS but he will most certainly respond to the word. Similarly, rustle a treat packet, and, your cat will instantly know something tasty is about to be dished out.