Men are Cat People Too

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Gilles Marini and Penelope Men are Cat People Too
Gilles Marini and Penelope Men are Cat People Too. Photograph Courtesy Purina

What does the celebrity triumvirate of Cee Lo Green, Steven Tyler and Robert De Nero have in common apart from fame, fortune and red carpet appearances? They have all been seduced by the power of the purr. Simply put, they are men who love cats.

There’s a stereotype that portrays women as exclusively cat people, directing male focus to dogs. But in fact, nothing can be further than the truth. Men are very much cat people too. In fact, often dog-loving men have been won over by a feline’s wiles and  purrs of persuasion.

Gabe Medeiros of Mississauga in Ontario, Canada is a typical cat convert.

“I grew up with dogs,” says Medeiros. “Frankly, never thought I would ever live with a cat. But some 13 years ago, when I started dating my wife Angela, she had a cat named Tiger. When I went to her home for the first time, the cat appeared and I gave him a courtesy pet, but didn’t really have any intention of starting any kind of long-term relationship with him. Some hours later, we were watching TV and Tiger jumped up on my lap, curled up, purred and fell asleep. I guess you can say that the conversion started then. What completed my transformation to cat person was when I was about to leave and Tiger followed me to the front of the house and proceeded to roll over so that I could pet him before I left. That made it official.

“Interestingly, before my first visit, Angela had mentioned that Tiger was selective in whom he paid attention and warned me not get offended if I was ignored. But from that first meeting, he would always appear to greet me and say goodbye when I left. He would also spend hours sleeping on my lap or on my stomach when I was lying down. We really hit it off.”

At one stage, the Sandler household in Irvine, California included three felines. “They each had their special people,” says Mike Sandler.  “Our calico named California gravitated to my wife, Muffin a tortie loved to spend time with our kids. While the youngest of the three cats named Fudge decided totally independently that I was going to be her special person.

“Initially she would wait until no one was around and then jump up and start head butting me and insisting that I pet and play with her. It was very funny, she kept this relationship secret for a long time, jumping down and going off to manicure her toes if anyone walked into the room. Now our relationship is in the open. She will sit on my lap at the first opportunity and if I am working with files on the kitchen counter will immediately jump up to help, selecting the most important file to sit on, knowing that she will get lots of attention when I have to remove her.”

Anyone who watched the second season of the TV show The Voice, will have met the feline love of Cee Lo Green’s life, an adopted white Persian named Purrfect, who has become an instant celebpurrity with more than 50 000 followers on Twitter.

Steven Tyler is a self confessed ailurophile.  (Note the pink leopard print scarf he often wears on American Idol.) Back in 1991, the Aerosmith front man rescued his then three-year-old daughter Chelsea and the family cat when his Marshfield, Massachusetts home caught fire.

In real life Actor Robert De Nero is a cat man.  While no one who has seen the movie Meet the Parents will forget his character Jack Byrnes who is besotted over his cat Jinx and forget his cryptic response to Ben Stiller’s character Gregg Focker when the latter says he’s more of a dog person.

“A dog is very easy to break, but cats make you work for their affection. They don’t sell out the way dogs do.”

According to Medeiros, the best thing about being a cat person is the feeling of accomplishment, or maybe acceptance, when your cat selects you.

“While I love dogs, they are known for giving affection rather easily,” he agrees. “There is nothing quite like the feeling of having your cat greet you at the door when you arrive home and scent you, as if they are telling you how much they missed you and that they are glad you are home. You can’t help but smile and feel fulfilled when that happens.”

When it comes of the pronounced M-shaped marking on the forehead of tabby cats, one popular legend claims that the prophet Mohammad, the founder of Islam created the “M” marking when he rested his hand on the brow of his favorite cat named Muezza.

There may be other reasons behind this  popular marking too.  Purrhaps the letter M stands for men …

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