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Sandy has teamed up with Solvit Pet Products, an American company known for their pet travel products and accessories for dogs around the home. Their blog topics relate to the health and well being or senior dogs as well as general pet travel information to help all pet parents.


Five Signs Your Senior Dog May Be Sick

Dogs, particularly senior dogs, have “off days” just like people. But, if you notice changes to your dog’s daily routine, eating, drinking or even pooping habits that continue for a couple of days, make an appointment with the veterinarian.

Rescue Organizations That Help Senior Dogs

A dog’s age has nothing to do with the human-animal bond. So if you’re looking for your next fur ball, check out the Senior Dog Project and the Grey Muzzle Organization!

Find the Best Pet-Friendly Vehicle with These 13 Tips

These days, our dogs probably spend as much time in the car as our kids do! And we believe if you want your dog to go along, then it’s important to take their needs into account when purchasing a vehicle.

How to Be Prepared for Holiday Travel with Your Dog

Whether you are planning to travel with or without your dog over the upcoming holiday season now is the time to make relevant reservations and see that your dog’s vaccinations and any medicinal prescriptions are current.


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