Pesce Dolce Diner

The Dolce Dinner Set for Cats.Keeps food and water separate.
The Dolce Dinner Set for Cats

These days, pet dinnerware needs to be stylish and functional. It has to be something that pet parents are proud to display in their home. And the Dolce Diner fits this bill. Further, it is well constructed and thoughtfully designed. The base is one-piece, with removable stainless steel bowls.
It is the right height and Flapjack and his sibling Seacat adapted to it with ease. A plus feature is the design that  keeps the food and water nicely separated, cutting down on the amount of food that normally ends up in the water bowl!
Its available in this stylish blue and also in purple. It is very easy to clean and a plus if the fact that it is also  dishwasher safe.

Flapjack and Seacat’s pet parent said: “Until now we have never used a diner for the cats, opting instead for separate food and water bowls.The Dolce Diner has me thinking that we’ve had it wrong all these years – this is much easier to deal with, neater, and easier to clean. I would definitely recommend this diner set as a must have item.”

The Dolce Diner was tested by Flapjack and Seacat.

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Photo Courtesy Fou Fou Dog
Photo Courtesy Fou Fou Dog

If your dog is constantly wearing a sweater, take it off regularly to brush his fur and allow his skin to breathe. Wash them is a mild detergent to ensure no itchy skin scenarios relating to the cleaning washing liquid.

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